Heartbreaking End to Decades-Long Mystery: Tsinghua University Student Zhu Ling’s Passing Raises Questions About Jasmine Sun

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In a truly sad turn of events, the long-standing mystery surrounding the poisoning of Tsinghua University student Ling Zhu has taken a tragic twist. Ling Zhu, who had been poisoned with a substance called thallium while studying at the university, sadly passed away on December 22, 2023. Her death has now brought attention back to her former roommate, Sun Wei, who is now a suspect in a murder investigation.

Zhu Ling’s story started when she was a student at Tsinghua University in Beijing in 1994/95. The repeated poisoning with thallium left her not only physically hurt but also with serious damage to her brain. At just 40 years old, Zhu was paralyzed, diabetic, almost blind, and had the mental capacity of a six-year-old.

Initially, the police couldn’t figure out who was responsible, but they eventually focused on Sun Wei, Zhu’s former roommate. Sun was the only person with access to the poison and a possible motive, but she was never charged. Sun Wei has consistently denied any role in Zhu’s poisoning. Instead, she blamed Tsinghua University, saying they mishandled dangerous chemicals and that she was being unfairly blamed. Sun’s brother even showed how he could steal restricted chemicals from the university without getting caught.

The case officially closed in 1998, but continues to haunt Sun Wei. Now, living in Australia with her supposed ex-husband Feiyu Xie, Sun finds herself a prime suspect in the investigation into Zhu Ling’s death.

The public has been upset and sympathetic to Zhu’s family over the past 30 years, as the unsolved case seemed like a failure of justice. As the investigation takes a new turn, people online are being asked to be responsible in their comments and avoid making baseless guesses. The sad end to this long mystery brings a somber close to a story that has captured the hearts of many for decades.