Best Ambulance Victoria Membership Guide 2024!!

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What is Ambulance Victoria Membership?

Emergency road ambulance in Victoria can cost around $1,358 in metropolitan areas to $2004 in regional and rural areas. Hence, Ambulance Victorian Membership Scheme gives you an affordable way to avoid hefty charges at the moment of need.

How much does it cost?

Single Ambulance Cover VIC – 

  • $12.99 for Quarterly Direct Debit Only
  • $51.94 for 1 Year Membership

Family Ambulance Cover VIC

  • $25.97 for Quarterly Direct Debit Only
  • $103.88 for 1 Year Membership

What you get in Victorian ambulance cover

  • Emergency road and air transport.
  • Ambulance treatment when you don’t need transport.
  • Non-emergency transport to the nearest medical facility that has been pre-approved in writing by AV and is medically required.
  • Ambulance treatment and transport needed whilst travelling interstate – the ambulance service in that state will take you to the nearest medical facility that can help you.

What you don’t get in ambulance cover Victoria

  • Ambulance Services that are not deemed clinically necessary
  • AV Services where a patient requests to be moved between medical facilities for reasons that are not clinically necessary. For example – The patient chooses to move to another hospital to be closer to their home and/or family Members.
  • Relocation from one accommodation facility to another or from hospital to home and return to hospital for weekend or holiday relief.
  • Services used prior to 5pm (1700 hours) AEST the day after the Membership Fee is received by AV.
  • Services that the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) or WorkCover are in charge of, unless they have rejected a claim.
  • Transport paid for by AV where a third party is in charge of payment, as said in the ambulance payment guidelines.
  • Services performed by a non-registered provider.

What are the payment options?

  • Phone – 1800 64 84 84 (Mon – Fri 8am – 8PM & Sat 9am – 5PM)
  • Fax – 1800 997 799

Does Victorian Ambulance membership cover Australia wide?

Yes, members are covered for the same benefits Australia wide as they would have received had they been in Victoria. All the conditions relating to AV Services in Victoria will apply to the same services received interstate.

If you are resident of areas outside of Victoria, check out Bupa Ambulance Cover here.

Can Membership types be changed?

Yes, membership types can be changed in ways listed below:

  • A Family Membership can be changed into two Single Memberships if a couple separates and have no further dependants. Both Single Memberships will retain the original joining date however the expiry date of the new Single Memberships will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis based on the current Membership Fee at the time the change is made.
  • If there are dependants involved in Family Membership, the main Member may continue with the Family Membership covering themselves and their dependants, the other party may take out and pay for a Single Membership.
  • If two existing Single Members combine their memberships, both Single memberships will cease on the date requested and a new Family Membership can be established with the remaining Membership Fees allocated on a pro-rata basis based on the current Membership Fee at the time the change is made.

What if a member grows out of Dependant status?

If a dependant no longer meets the criteria for being a dependant on an existing Family Membership, then a new Single or Family Membership (as applicable) must be taken out. The Qualifying Period of 14 days will be waived if the Membership is taken out and paid in full within thirty (30) days of the loss of dependant status.

Is there any provision of refund in case the beneficiary dies?

Yes, if a member dies, the unused portion of the membership may be refunded to the estate of the deceased member or to an authorised representative of the deceased member upon written request without any additional fees. For more information on refund, you can read here.

Do Pension Concession Card Holders need Victorian Ambulance membership?

No, they don’t need any ambulance cover as Pensioner Concession Card and Health Care Card holders are entitled to free ambulance transport services in the state of Victoria. In all cases transport is provided to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility.

Do other Concession Card holders need Victorian Ambulance membership?

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders do not receive free Ambulance Services under the State Concession Scheme; hence they should cover themselves with Victoria ambulance membership.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) card holder benefits may vary based on individual circumstances and should be confirmed with DVA.
  • Spouses listed on a Pensioner Concession Card are not eligible for ambulance benefits however, all other eligible Dependants listed on these cards do receive ambulance benefits.

Where can I get Ambulance Victoria Membership form?

Click here – Ambulance Victoria Membership form

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